Programming Hub v5.2.21 MOD APK (Latest, VIP)

Programming Hub : Introduction

Hello guys, if you are looking for a coding app then This is for you, it have awesome features which will help you to learn coding fast. It has beautiful beginer friendly ui. It is devolped by Nigel Crasto.

What is Programming Hub?

Build your programming skills in a fun way. Learn to code with a game-like learning experience. Explore interactive coding lessons with a one-stop code learning app.

Learn to code with HTML, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java, Artificial Intelligence, CSS, etc. for free.

With a huge collection of 5000+ programs (code examples), 35+ courses, and the fastest compiler in the world, all your programming needs are bundled in a single app for your daily practice.

This coding and programming app is created using research and in collaboration with Google experts and offers a perfect path to learn programming. You will learn to code like an expert, and also enjoy it like a game. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s fun!

Programming Hub

Features of Programming Hub :

Programming Hub have Programming Courses: To make your learning more interesting, our experts have created bite-sized and interactive courses that will help you learn programming like never before.

Programming & Coding Examples: 5000+ programs in 20+ programming languages and counting, programming hub has one of the largest collection of pre-compiled programs with output for practice and learning.

ompiler: The fastest compiler in the world on iOS with support to compile and run over 20+ programming languages.

1. Concept-based illustrations to easily learn to code in a fun way

2. Interactive learning experience

3. Quick Search for programs

4. Categorized View for programs

5. No Harmful Permissions required

6. Periodic Updates with new programming examples and course content

7. Feedback and support from coding experts

What all programming languages you can learn in Programming Hub ?

• Learn Java – Java is an object-oriented, general-purpose, high-level programming language.

• Learn C Programming – C programming is a powerful general-purpose language.

• Learn C++ – C++ is used nearly everywhere for everything from systems programming, numerical and scientific computing, web development, writing compilers, console games, desktop applications, and so on.

• Learn HTML – HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications.

• Learn Javascript – JavaScript is a web programming language that is run by most browsers.

• Learn R Programming: R is a programming language and software environment for statistical analysis, graphics representation, and reporting.

• Learn CSS

• Learn

• Learn C# (C Sharp)

• Learn Python 2.7

• Learn Python 3

• Learn Linux Shell Scripting

• Learn R Programming

• Learn Swift

• Learn SQL

• Learn jQuery

• Learn Assembly 8086

Mod features

  • Vip subsription unlocked
  • All paid courses unlocked
  • Fully adsfree
  • Works on most of the devices
  • Modded by Piemods

How to Fix the App Not Installed Error ?

Check your device architechture use app below to check which apps are supported on your device

**If its arm64 or armv7a then you can use most of the mods,But if it is arm86 then maybe you will face issue

Mods are supported only for devices with android 4+

In case of sudden crash, premium not unlocked, ads showing ,etc contact the admins and describe the issue in neatly and if possible send screenshot or screen rec thank you!!!

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